Famous Recipes by Famous People (1933)

In 1933, “the year that brought the end of the long drought,” the swank Del Monte Hotel near Monterey solicited favorite cocktail recipes from many of its famous patrons, The Great Celebrity Contest. The Great [...]

Catz Dry Gin announces CatzTails 2020

Catz Dry Gin (from Netherlands) is launching a new international cocktail competition, inviting bars from around the world to enter their best Catz Dry Gin cocktail as part of a competition to find the best [...]


New Monin flavors for cocktail syrups and purées
The latest flavours as presented by Monin for 2018 include Monin Brown Butter, Monin Brown Butter Toffee, Monin Candy Corn, Monin Maple Pancake, Monin Peach Zero Calorie, Monin Chocolat Concentrated Flavor, Monin Coconut Concentrated Flavor, Monin Vanilla Concentrated Flavor as well as a selection of new purées, Monin Carrot Purée, Monin Red Beet and Monin Rhubarb.


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