Thalys Busman is a new rising star in the Dutch bartending landscape. A musician at heart (Thalys is a talented drummer and a well-known figure in Amsterdam’s local heavy metal scene, he combines his passion for music with his devotion to the noble art of bartending. Thalys started his bartending career at the Amsterdam branch of Hard Rock Café, a local hot spot where he rocked cocktails for four years. He is currently tending bar at The Tailor, one of the better cocktail spots in the Amsterdam nightlife, situated at the NH Collection Amsterdam Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, located at Dam Square, right in the middle of downtown Amsterdam.
Thalys Busman joined the Netherlands Bartenders Guild (NBC) as of 2017, performing at his first Dutch National Cocktail Championship on June 19 of that year. Earlier this year Thalys Busman won the 2019-edition of the National Cocktail Championship, with his winning Signature Cocktail Hurdy Gurdy.
Having won the national title results in Thalys Busman representing the Netherlands later this year at the World Cocktail Championships, which will take place in Chengdu, China on November 7, 2019.

Hurdy Gurdy
2,5 cl Trois Rivières Ambré Rum
1,5 cl De Kuyper Pineapple
0,5 cl Hornigold Syrup (home-made)*
3,5 cl Mandarine juice, freshly squeezed
3 Dashes De Kuyper Cocoa Bitters
1 Dash Coconut Vinegar

Method: Cocktail shaker
Decoration: Crystallized pineapple, cherry, mandarine leaf, gold spray

* For the original recipe of Hornigold Syrup, please refer to the full feature on Hurdy Gurdy (under Prizewinning Cocktails).