CocktailBook was initiated by Muriel Buis, Ron Busman, Thalys Busman & Johan Verduin, all coming from the Netherlands.

Muriel Buis is a renowned graphic designer, where Johan Verduin is a highly professional IT-expert, responsible for the technology on the website of CocktailBook.
Founder & Managing Director of CocktailBook is long-time bartender Ron Busman.

Ron Busman has won his spurs in the world of bartending and has contributed most of his life to promote and support the bartender, both on domestic as well as on international level. Having dedicated half a century to the noble art of bartending, Ron Busman served in the board of the Netherlands Bartenders Guild (NBC) for more than 20 years and represented the International Bartenders Association (IBA) for 12 years, first as its Vice President (from 2005 till 2014) and then three years as its President, from 2014 till 2017.

Thalys Busman has followed in his father’s footsteps and became a bartender as well, co-founding CocktailBook with Ron Busman and responsible within the team for the product-management of CocktailBook.

The team at CocktailBook shares one ultimate ambition, which is to develop into the world’s most extensive database containing information about the global bartender and other cocktail-experts, including their cocktail recipes, personal pictures as well as their professional (and in some cases personal) data and feedback.

The CocktailBook team’s ambition is reaching 4000-5000 visitors per day by the end of 2018, so almost immediately upon its global launch, in September 2018.