A few drops of dry vermouth
A few drops of oil from an organic Amalfi Coast lemon
1 slice lemon rind from lemon
Frozen gin or vodka

  • Build
  • Cocktail
  • Lemon
  • Splash a few drops of vermouth into a frozen martini glass. If the Dukes' Martini is prepared very dry, the vermouth iis discharged from the glass. Top-up with either frozen gin or vodka. Slice a big slice of a twist of lemon and squeeze very gently all the lemon oil onto the top. Because the spirits are frozen, the viscosity is much thicker, so the oil of the lemon stays on top. Freezing also numbs the smell of the spirits, decreasing the aroma of the gin or the vodka. This way, by lifting the glass to drink the Dukes' Martini, the first thing that reaches the nose is the aroma of the Amalfi lemon.