3 cl Pineapple juice, freshly prepared
1,5 cl Rhubarb syrup, freshly prepared
10 ml Mattoni Grand Sparkling
25 Gram raspberries, fresh
6-7 Mint leaves
1/4 Bar spoon Mill & Mortar Cake Stuff Dust (edible cake powder)

  • Mixing glass
  • Cup
  • Lime, mint, Texas grass and edible pansy flower
  • Muddle raspberries and mint together, add pineapple juice and Mattoni Sparkling and stir thoroughly with ice, in a large mixing glass. Double strain in a stemless glass, add rhubarb syrup and 1/4 bar spoon edible cake powder and stir the mixture carefully. Decorate with lime, mint, Texas grass and edible pansy flower. Serve with small spoon.