6 cl Angostura® 7 Years Old Rum
3 cl Demerara sugar syrup
3 cl Lime juice, freshly squeezed
4 Dashes Angostura® aromatic bitters
8 – 12 Mint leaves, fresh

  • Build
  • Highball
  • Mint
  • Place mint leaves into palm of your hands, slap it, add to glass. Add sugar, syrup and lime juice along with the dashes of Angostura® aromatic bitters. Gently press mint leaves with swizzle stick then add crushed ice. Swizzle mixture with swizzle stick. Add rum, then add more crushed ice and swizzle again. Poor one additional dash of Angostura® aromatic bitters and top up glass with more crushed ice. Garnish with mint sprig.