Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

3,5 cl Calvados
1 Dash Monin Grenadine

  • : Build
  • : Champagne-flûte
  • : Pour clavados and grenadine into a pre-chilled champagne flûte, stir gently and top up with ice cold champagne.
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Historical Perspective

Champagne was one of Marilyn Monroe’s favorite tipples, more specifically Dom Pérignon 1953. The story goes that Monroe is believed to have once taken a 'champagne bath,' it took approximately 350 champagne bottles to fill the bathtub. The Marilyn Monroe champagne cocktail is made from a base of champagne or sparkling wine, some apple brandy (calvados), and a dash of grenadine syrup. Marilyn Monroe was notorious for her love of champagne, as well as her preference for the color pink. Both choices are combined in the Marilyn Monroe Cocktail, of which the origins are still unknown today.       (from Monroe's My Story)

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